Robots and Avatars e-publication is out

We are very happy to announce that Robots and Avatars e-publication is out now,  featuring the most exciting visions from international experts and artists on the future of work and play.

The final output of our EU Culture project, the e-publication explores Artificial Intelligence, Health and Well Being, Behaviours and Ethics and more through a series of contributions, videos and vodcasts, curated to stimulate onward debates and for all to use as great education resources

Access here

‘Visions of Our Communal dreams’ workshops in Tallinn

body>data>space has been invited by the British Council Estonia to run workshops on Avatars and Virtual Worlds from 4th to to 6th October in Tallinn as part of the Vaba Linn (Free City) programme that will culminate with a conference at the end of October.

Led by Leanne Hammacott, Michael Takeo Magruder and Drew Baker, the workshop will be linked to Visions of Our Communal Dreams (Robots and Avatars Commission) to give participants the opportunity to develop digital media skills and processes and to use these newly learned skills to collaborate with members of the Visions of Our Communal Dreams creative team to develop resources for the artwork’s communal virtual forest.

These collaborative outcomes will be integrated into the Visions of Our Communal Dreams art installation in taking place in Tallinn later in October 2013.

The workshop takes place at Estonian Academy of Arts and is organised by Kultuurikatel Hub & Labs, Estonian Academy of Arts & British Council in Estonia.

Read more about body>data>space creative training offer here

Women in Technologies

‘How do we ensure a feminine viewpoint will emerge in the next generations of arts, software development, web, social media and other digital businesses?’

As a female led interdisciplinary design collective, body>data>space is recognised as international long term advocators for equal access for women in technology, promoting and supporting the work of many female artists and researchers.

As we become more deeply engaged in the digital world of virtual physical communications, collaborations and connections across the EU, we found imperative to examine some of the issues for women and girls in relationship to digital access and creation.

Check our Women in Tech report and videos emerging from the debates and discussions we run at KIBLA with AltArt, FACT and associated experts, as part of Robots and Avatars last May:

> Read the Report

> Watch the videos and interviews from different women involved technology in Europe

> Pictures from the activities

body>data>space experts, artists and team have designed a programme of work, including a series of debates, conferences, mentoring, workshops that specifically addresses this imperative need for young women and women to be empowered to join the growing digital/technology/media world as active and successful professionals. Read more about our creative offer here

More activities will be announced soon for the autumn 2013 so please get in touch and watch this space to learn more!

Book for Robots and Avatars workshops at Watermans

After last year success of  ‘Hey There Pussycat‘ body>data>space team returns at Watermans Art Centre for another series of creative workshops.

Led and conceived  by body>data>space ‘Robots and Avatars’ project explores how young people will work and play with new representational forms of themselves and others in virtual and physical life in the next 10-15 years.

Our workshops are aimed at stimulating the soft and hard skills and knowledge that young people will need for their future careers and workplaces, such as the use of content creation software, audio-visual skills, 3D web design creation but also creativity, self-confidence, communication and  team work.

The Robots and Avatars workshops at Watermans are led by 2 of our top level creative trainers, Michael Takeo Magruder and Simon Green and their teams, both recognised as inspiring and successful artist and creative.

Week 1: Avatars & Virtual Worlds led by Michael Takeo Magruder

During the 5-day event, participants will have the great opportunity to use their newly learned skills to contribute to the development of ‘Visions of Our Communal Dreams artwork, that will be presented at Watermans Centre in the Autumn. The workshop’s participants will develop digital content creation skills linked to avatars and virtual worlds as well as exploring ]the issues of self-representation, identity and collaboration within virtual worlds. WORKSHOP FULLY BOOKED

Week 2 & 3: Creative Industries led by Simon Green and ‘Eventful Design’ team

Creative industries include film, music, fashion, animation, photography, architecture, computer games and crafts. If you would like to be creative with film, music, poetry and photography there is no better place to start than this diverse and exciting workshop! Come and explore these creative areas and work alongside professionals, creating content and learning new digital skills. Contribute to the making of collective digital installation that will platform your work and inspire your audience.

Age 13-18 // Week 1:  29 Jul – 2 Aug // Week 2 and 3 : 5-9 Aug & 19 – 23 Aug,

Book your tickets here

Robots and Avatars in in Taiwan’s annual Digital and Performing Arts Festival publication

We are very happy to announce that body>data>space and Robots and Avatars got showcased in Taiwan’s annual Digital and Performing Arts Festival vol. 2, a beautiful publication featuring some of the most innovative digital artists and producers at an international level.

The article (in mandarin only) illustrates body>data>space visions and background, especially focusing on two Artists part of Robots and Avatars: the virtual/physical blended world ‘Visions of our Communal Dreams‘ by Michael Takeo Magruder With Drew Baker, Erik Fleming and David Steele (Robots and Avatars Commission) and the multi-connected telepresence experience ‘me and my shadow‘ by Jo Hyde with Phill Tew.


Access the publication here.

‘Visions of Our Communal Dreams’ showcase at The Great Digital Exhibition

Explore the Avatar Age!

As part of the Digital Shoreditch 2013 Great Digital Exhibition body>data>space presents a showcase version of ‘Visions of Our Communal Dreams’.

Join us on-site to explore this beautiful interactive virtual island and fly your avatar (gallery room B34 / basement).

You can also join us online and through Twitter @voocd

• Instil life in the virtual forest by tweeting bird, butterfly or flower to @voocd

• Create, customise and fly your avatar via the Robots and Avatars website

Visitors in the gallery will be able to see your avatar flying on the screens and to interact with it!

Developed by internationally renowned artist Michael Takeo Magruder and associate experts, this immersive mixed-reality installation combines virtual, physical and networked space, and explores issues of hybridity, embodiment and collective creativity in the Avatar Age.

Free Exhibition / Digital Shoreditch 20th-31st May 2013. Shoreditch Town Hall / 370A Old Street, London, Greater London EC1V 9LT, UK

Opening Times Public Access: 20th-24th May 3pm-8pm / 25th-31st May 10am-6pm

Digital Shoreditch Ticket Holder Exclusive Access: 20th-24th May 10am-3pm

Read more the Exhibition here


Visions of Our Communal Dreams // Michael Takeo Magruder With Drew Baker, Erik Fleming and David Steele. Presented by body>data>space, long-term experts in virtual/physical interactivity, commissioned by Robots and Avatars this piece premiered at FACT (Liverpool/UK) and then presented at KIBLA (Maribor/Slovenia)

Robots and Avatars May 2013 Debates and Activities in Slovenia

Final activities of our EU project Robots and Avatars will take place in May 2013, after 2 years of packed activities, including a fantastically successful touring exhibition from the UK to Slovenia and Romania, inspiring learning experiences and debates with international experts around future worlds of work, identity/representation and ethics.

Before that, body>data>space are now very glad to announce that Robots and Avatars final activities will take place from 9th to 13th May in Maribor/Slovenia with our partners KIBLA, AltArt and FACT.

A debate dedicated to ‘Women and Girls in Technology’ will take place on Thursday 9th May with top level women speakers and participants .  Across the 2 years of the project, this topic  has come up as an imperative and topical debate. It is clear that in the EU this debate is on the table and crucial – for women and girls to feel able to join in to the growing technology world as active artists, producers, educators, coders etc.

How do we approach these skills sets which are seen as a “boys domain” by many girls of school age?

How do we find ways to involve young women through skills development linked to solving problems and finding solutions?

How to encourage a feminine viewpoint to emerge in the next generations of arts and technologies ?

The future of design and creativity through software and hardware needs equally to be influenced and created by women to enable an equal feminine perspective to be integrated at the base of the new tools. Women need to be able to take up the opportunities and knowledge offered by the tech revolution equally to men.


Open and public meeting at KIBLA. More information coming soon!


Interesting article from The Economist, on how “Robots are getting more powerful. That need not be bad news for workers.”

“WATSON, an IBM supercomputer, spectacularly beat its human rivals in a 2011 edition of “Jeopardy!”, an American quiz show. It has got smarter since then. Its components have shrunk from room-size to briefcase-size; its processing speed has more than tripled. The sleeker, faster Watson is now being put to commercial use: its first application is suggesting treatments in cancer clinics. Many people fear that Watson exemplifies a trend toward the displacement of human workers by machines.”

Read full report  here

‘European Audiences: 2020 and beyond’ conclusions are out!

An inspiring conference “European Audiences: 2020 and beyond”  took place in October 2012, brought together some 800 culture professionals in Brussels, discussing on how to engage more meaningfully with the audiences of today and tomorrow.

Organised by the European Commission, the conference presented examples of projects such as Robots and Avatars that have taken their audiences very seriously, sometimes from the very early stages of the creative process.

The level of participation and debate clearly showed what is considered by some to be a new cultural revolution: audiences are hungry for engagement, for shared experiences, for a sense of community. There is thus a need to stimulate exchange of practice in this field, to support cultural organisations to learn faster by peer learning in order to adapt more quickly to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.’

Audience development is one of the priorities of the EU’s future funding programme for the cultural and creative sectors, “Creative Europe”, which will replace the current Culture programme in 2014.

Full Report available Here

‘The rise of the robot’ on BBC Business Daily

‘The rise of the robot’ explored in BBC Business News / Business Daily on 31 Dec 2012.

“Justin Rowlatt meets Ghislaine Boddington, creative director of body>data>space, a company which specialises in how new technology can improve the way we communicate.”

Download here: