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The first Forum and the panel at Kinetica Art Fair have bought to the foreground some clear ongoing subjects and issues for the programme. The range of experts involved have filled out and focused these and the participants, audience and breakout groups at the events have helped prioritise the most important and topical concerns.

The programme moves forward now to help extend the understanding of young peoples needs for the future workplace by the professionals and experts in the field, enabling a better understanding by all of the skills and knowledge required and the best methodologies to deliver YP into the next decade of work environments

Working within the projects overall themes for young people of:

  • Collaborative futures
  • Multi-identity issues
  • Future workplace environments
  • Future career opportunities

and imagining a world that will involve a mix of robots, avatars, tele-presence and real time presence in the work place/team space, the aim is to involve experts onwards and deepen their outputs into the project.

participants at Artificial Intelligence Lunch Debate

Lunch Debates – Deepening the conversation around Robots and Avatars

Throughout the summer we are hosting a series of lunch debates exploring in detail Artificial Intelligence, Behaviour and Ethics, Health and Wellbeing and Future Workplace with expert provocateurs and top level thinkers. We will be sharing their outcomes on the site after each debate on this site.


A series of 10 interviews with experts on their personal future visions for Robots and Avatars – keep an eye on the website for the first inputs on robotics by Professor Noel Sharkey and Fiddian Warman.

This series of Lunch Debates and Vodcasts will share the thoughts, opinions and future visions of a variety of experts and professionals on representational identities and the future of work and play environments.

The first Vodcasts will be from Noel Sharkey (Professor of AI and Robotics and Professor of Public Engagement at the University of Sheffield (Department of Computer Science)) and Fiddian Warman (Soda) will talk about their experiences of working in robotics and about their personal future visions.

Click here to view the vodcasts.

Participants have included:

Artificial Intelligence Lunch Debate

Heath Bunting – Irational

Professor Kerstin Dautenhahn – University of Hertfordshire

Dick Davies – Ambient Performance

Constance Fleuriot – Digital Cultures Research Centre / featherhouse

Paul Granjon – Zprod

Hazel Grian – Pervasive Media Studio

Professor Gary Hall – Coventry University

Paul Harter – Clever Plugs

Dr. David Levy – Author of ‘Love and Sex with Robots’

Katy Lindermann – freelance communications strategist

Jody Hudson-Powell – Hudson-Powell

Professor Noel Sharkey- Professor of AI and Robotics / Professor of Public Engagement at University of Sheffield (Provocateur)

Fiddian Warman – Soda Creative

Rich Walker – Shadow Robot Company


Behaviours and Ethics Lunch Debate

Steve Boxer – The Guardian, ShortList, Wired UK, MSN UK Tech & Gadget (Provocateur)

Toby Coffey – National Theatre

Professor Anna Craft – University of Exeter

Ron Edwards – Ambient Performance (Provocateur)

Oliver Gingrich- Musion

Michael Takeo Magruder – King’s College Visualisation Lab (Provocateur)

Luke Hudson Powell – Hudson-Powell

Ash Nehru- United Visual Artists

Professor Mike Stubbs – FACT


Health and Wellbeing Lunch Debate

Professor Raymond Tallis – Emeritus Professor of Geriatric Medicine, University of Manchester

Paul Cheng – Senior Investment Manager at CAF Venturesome

Dick Davies – Co-founder and Executive Producer, Ambient Performance

Gavin Nettelton – Head of e-Learning, Social Care Institute for Excellence

Joop Tanis – Head of Health Launchpad, Young Foundation

Dave Taylor – Programme Lead for Virtual Worlds and Medical Media, Imperial College

Dr. Jenny Tillotson – Senior Research Fellow, Central Saint Martins

Professor Kevin Warwick – Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading


Future World of Work Lunch Debate

Professor Anna Craft – Professor of Education at the University of Exeter and The Open University

Charles Beckett -Relationship Manager, Digital and Creative Economy, Arts Council England

Professor Mark Bishop – Professor of Cognitive Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London

Jamie Brassett –  Course Director for MA Innovation Management at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

Toby Coffey  – Lead Digital Creative, Royal National Theatre

Ron Edwards – Co-founder and CEO, Ambient Performance

Michael Takeo Magruder – King’s Visualisation Lab, King’s College London

Holly Margerison – The Science Council

Dr Robin Mellors-Bourne is Research Director for CRAC

Sarah Platt – Director, Kinura

David Roscoe – Knowsley’s Future Schooling Programme

Rohit Talwar  – CEO – Fast Future

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