Robots and Avatars Pre-selected Projects

Call for Development Commissions and Exhibits

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We received just under 200 applications from 27 countries in total and we were extremely pleased with the high level of innovation, creativity and interactivity of the projects submitted.

The Jury commend all of the following projects and the final selected artists will be announced by Friday 21st October 2011

Robots and Avatars will present two Development Commissions and additionally a minimum of six existing works as an Exhibition in 2012.
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Robots and Avatars 10 pre-selected Development Commissions:

Andre Almeida, Guilherme Martins & Francisco Dias “COW” (Portugal)
Louis Philippe Demers // Processing Plant “The Blind Robot” (Germany)
Ruairi Glynn // Motive Colloquies Sociable Asymmetry” (United Kingdom)
Salvatore Iaconesi & Oriana Persico // Art is open source “I HATE IT” (Italy)
Stefano Marzano & the Philips Design team in collaboration with Scanner “Skinsucka” (Netherlands)
Marko Plahuta & Pina Gabrijan “1st Stage Preparations for a Taxidermic Afterlife Party” (Slovenia)
Paul Sermon & Charlotte Gould “All the world’s a screen” (United Kingdom)
Chris Sugrue & Golan Levin “Hand Augmentation Series” (Spain)
Michael Takeo Magruder, Drew Baker, David Steele & Erik Fleming “Visions of Our Communal Dreams” (United Kingdom)
Fiddian Warman // SODA “The Embodied Neurology of the Orgasm: Robohos” (United Kingdom)

Robots and Avatars 29 pre-selected Call for Exhibits:

Alex Baker “Hand-eye” (United Kingdom)
Adrian Baynes // Baynes and Co. “Wall of Eyes” (United Kingdom)
Martin Bricelj, Martin Wheeler, Slavko Glamocanin & Neven Korda // Codeep Cultural Association MoTA “Public Avatar” (Slovenia)
Martin Bricelj, Uros Veber, Slavko Glamocanin & Dejan Filipovic // Codeep Cultural Association MoTA “RoboVox” (Slovenia)
Shu Lea Cheang & Co
“UKI” (France/Spain)
Matthieu Cherubini “” (Switzerland)
Ka Fai Choy “Prospectus for a Future Body” (United Kingdom)
Kostas Daflos // CIPO “Cipo-program” (Greece)
Ricardo de Ostos & Nannette Jackowski // NaJa & deOstos “Electroplasmatic Housing” (United Kingdom)
Louis-Philippe Demers // Processing-Plant “The Tiller Girls” (Germany)
Ivor Diosi // Aeterna “STAND” (Czech Republic)
Simon Donger & Daniel Felstead “Wearable Shadows” (United Kingdom)
Marco Donnarumma // Sound Lab Edinburgh “Music for Flesh II” (Scotland)
Alastair Eilbeck & James Bailey “MeYouandUs” (United Kingdom)
Cristina Ghinassi, Andrea Fronzoni, Federico Visi & Andrea Pedna // In_Ocula “GOLEM S.r.l” (Italy)
Derrick Giscloux // CreArtCom Studio “The Digital Washboard” (France)
Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet Sola “Echinodermata” (Estonia)
Roger Hartley // Bureau of Silly Ideas “The Menagerie” (United Kingdom)
Salvatore Iaconesi & Oriana Persico // Art is Open Source “The Electronic Man” (Italy)
Mey Lean Kronemann & Philipp Urbanz “lumiBots” (Germany)
Lawrence Malstaf “Compass” (Belgium)
Aymeric Mansoux, Dave Griffiths & Marloes de Valk “Naked on Pluto” (Netherlands)
David McLellan “Influencia” (United Kingdom)
Niki Passath “ZOE” (Austria)
Carl-Johan Rosén “Emerging” (Sweden)
Martin Hans Schmitt “Robot World” (Germany)
Karina Smigla-Bobinski “ADA” (Germany)
Christine Sugrue “Base 8” (Slovenia/Spain)
Michael Takeo Magruder, Drew Baker, David Steele & Erik Fleming “The Vitruvian World” (United Kingdom)

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