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Produced collaboratively by the body>data>space collective:

  • Ghislaine Boddington
    Creative Director, body>data>space
    Forum – Research/Moderation/ Co-summator
  • Alex Eisenberg
    Forum – Documenter/Design Production
  • Leanne Hammacott
    Creative Producer, body>data>space
    Forum – Producer
  • Coralie Hyde
    Website Manager, body>data>space
    Forum – Website Design
  • Hannah Kerr
    Forum – Marketing/Artist Liaison
  • Nat Mortimer
    Forum – Research/Production

    With inputs from body>data>space members:

  • Ivor Diosi
    body>data>space Associate
    Forum- Presenter
  • Michael Takeo Magruder
    body>data>space Associate
    Forum – Presenter
  • Armand Terruli
    Creative Director, body>data>space
    Forum – Research
  • Sasha Spasic
    body>data>space Associate
    Forum – Co-ordination/FOH

    And extra skills input from:

  • Baskerville Design
    Forum – Logo Design and Branding
  • Steve Boxer
    Freelance Journalist/Live Writer
    Forum – Live Writer/Documenter
  • Jim Horsefield
    Film maker and VJ- asdescribed
    Forum – Video
  • Dr. Dan McQuillan
    Head of Digital Make Your Mark campaign &
    Co-Founder Social Innovation Camp
    Forum – Co-summator
  • Vipul Sangoi
    Communication Designer- Raindesign
    Forum – Photographer


  • Benedict Arora
    Programme Director, Education
    Forum – Research/Moderation/ Co-summator
  • Ross McDonald
    IT Support
  • Lucie Osborn
    Events Manager
  • Dora Peppan
    Project Manager
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