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Lunch Debate Highlights – Artificial Intelligence

We have just finished the first of our highlight videos which document the Lunch Debate on Artificial Intelligence, which took place on 28th June 2010. The Robots and Avatars Lunch Debates bring together a diverse and specialised group of professionals and experts to deepen the research and conversation around Robots and Avatars and ask ‘What sort of world are we educating our young people for?’

Lunch Debate #1 – Provocation by Professor Noel Sharkey

Provocation by Professor Noel Sharkey, University of Sheffield
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Lunch Debate #1 – Artificial Intelligence – Highlights

At NESTA, June 28th 2010
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Live Writing from the Forum

Robots and Avatars Forum participantsThe Robots and Avatars Forum is being documented by live writers, video and photography and the results will be posted on the website so please do check back here soon.

We will be using Scribble Live to post live writing on the day of the Forum. This will be available in the post above and here.

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