Robots and Avatars Europe

‘Visions of Our Communal dreams’ workshops in Tallinn

body>data>space has been invited by the British Council Estonia to run workshops on Avatars and Virtual Worlds from 4th to to 6th October in Tallinn as part of the Vaba Linn (Free City) programme that will culminate with a conference at the end of October.

Led by Leanne Hammacott, Michael Takeo Magruder and Drew Baker, the workshop will be linked to Visions of Our Communal Dreams (Robots and Avatars Commission) to give participants the opportunity to develop digital media skills and processes and to use these newly learned skills to collaborate with members of the Visions of Our Communal Dreams creative team to develop resources for the artwork’s communal virtual forest.

These collaborative outcomes will be integrated into the Visions of Our Communal Dreams art installation in taking place in Tallinn later in October 2013.

The workshop takes place at Estonian Academy of Arts and is organised by Kultuurikatel Hub & Labs, Estonian Academy of Arts & British Council in Estonia.

Read more about body>data>space creative training offer here

Women in Technologies

‘How do we ensure a feminine viewpoint will emerge in the next generations of arts, software development, web, social media and other digital businesses?’

As a female led interdisciplinary design collective, body>data>space is recognised as international long term advocators for equal access for women in technology, promoting and supporting the work of many female artists and researchers.

As we become more deeply engaged in the digital world of virtual physical communications, collaborations and connections across the EU, we found imperative to examine some of the issues for women and girls in relationship to digital access and creation.

Check our Women in Tech report and videos emerging from the debates and discussions we run at KIBLA with AltArt, FACT and associated experts, as part of Robots and Avatars last May:

> Read the Report

> Watch the videos and interviews from different women involved technology in Europe

> Pictures from the activities

body>data>space experts, artists and team have designed a programme of work, including a series of debates, conferences, mentoring, workshops that specifically addresses this imperative need for young women and women to be empowered to join the growing digital/technology/media world as active and successful professionals. Read more about our creative offer here

More activities will be announced soon for the autumn 2013 so please get in touch and watch this space to learn more!

Robots and Avatars May 2013 Debates and Activities in Slovenia

Final activities of our EU project Robots and Avatars will take place in May 2013, after 2 years of packed activities, including a fantastically successful touring exhibition from the UK to Slovenia and Romania, inspiring learning experiences and debates with international experts around future worlds of work, identity/representation and ethics.

Before that, body>data>space are now very glad to announce that Robots and Avatars final activities will take place from 9th to 13th May in Maribor/Slovenia with our partners KIBLA, AltArt and FACT.

A debate dedicated to ‘Women and Girls in Technology’ will take place on Thursday 9th May with top level women speakers and participants .  Across the 2 years of the project, this topic  has come up as an imperative and topical debate. It is clear that in the EU this debate is on the table and crucial – for women and girls to feel able to join in to the growing technology world as active artists, producers, educators, coders etc.

How do we approach these skills sets which are seen as a “boys domain” by many girls of school age?

How do we find ways to involve young women through skills development linked to solving problems and finding solutions?

How to encourage a feminine viewpoint to emerge in the next generations of arts and technologies ?

The future of design and creativity through software and hardware needs equally to be influenced and created by women to enable an equal feminine perspective to be integrated at the base of the new tools. Women need to be able to take up the opportunities and knowledge offered by the tech revolution equally to men.


Open and public meeting at KIBLA. More information coming soon!

‘Body Motion and Motion Capture’ Workshop at Altart as part of Robots and Avatars

body>data>space associate director, Leanne Hammacott together with Jo Blowers (Contact Improvisation specialist from the UK) have been to Cluj, Romania to deliver a series of workshop days from 21st to 24th October as part of Robots and Avatars with our Partner AltArt and Groundfloor Group and a group of dancers, technologists and visual creatives.

The group has been exploring how we can represent the body in multiple ways on and off-line, working with motion capture and Kinect technologies to explore new possibilities of artistic expression with the body and virtual ID.

Movers: Bodolai Balázs, Jo Blowers, Kata Bodoki-Halmen, Alina Ciceu, Laura Codreanu, Racz Endre, Sinkó Ferenc, Both József. Alina Porumb, Zsuzsanna Vass, Gothárd Vera.

Visuals: Anna Peter,Alex Popa, Istvan Szakats

Support and documentation: Lavinia Jaba , Vaczi Roland , Emilia Zbranca

Organizers: Leanne Hammacott (body>data>space), Kelemen Kinga, (Groundfloor),  Rarita Zbranca (Altart)

More pictures coming soon!

Ghislaine Boddington presenting ‘Robots and Avatars’ at ‘European Audiences: 2020 and beyond’ Conference in Brussels

Organised by the EU Commission and Culture in Motion, the Conference ‘European Audiences: 2020 and beyond’ conference recognizes audience development as a crucial priority in the proposal for the Creative Europe Programme for the period 2014-2020.

Ghislaine Boddington will present body>data>space pioneer methodology in the creative engagement of the audience through digital and interactive tools, focusing especially on Robots and Avatars EU project.

Bringing together top level cultural practitioners and operators involved in EU collaborative projects and recognized as innovators in engaging the public, the Conference will focus on audience development as a strategic, dynamic and interactive process of making the arts widely accessible.

16-17 October 2012 at the EGG in Brussels.

Read more about Ghislaine’s presentation on this page.

More information and reports.

Robots and Avatars is going to KIBLA – Slovenia!

The exhibition presents a variety of immersive experiences – from unconventional approaches to social networks, re-defining and exploring their influences and dead ends, through virtual worlds rendered into pixels through the act of touch, collaborative landscapes stretching beyond the confines of popular gaming, to electro-acoustic biological extensions, wearable technologies and interactive robotic elements that affect and try to define us, to seemingly ordinary, human behavior imitating robots.

Alongside the presented artworks,the Exhibition will include a series of workshops run by Artists, events and debates.

Exhibiting artists and works:
Louis Philippe Demers/Processing Plant (CA, DE): The Blind Robot; Ruairi Glynn / Motive Colloquies (UK): Sociable Asymmetry; Michael Takeo Magruder, Drew Baker, Erik Fleming, David Steele (UK): Visions of Our Communal Dreams; Niki Passath (AT): ZOE; Mey Lean Kronemann (DE): lumiBots; Sašo Sedlaek (SI): Beggar 1.0; Andre Almeida, Gonçalo Lopes, Francisco Dias, Guilherme Martins (PT): NAVI; Marco Donnarumma (UK): Music for flesh II; Martin Bricelj Baraga, Slavko Glamoanin / MoTA (SI): Public avatar, Martin Bricelj Baraga (SI): RoboVox; Aymeric Mansoux, Dave Griffiths, Marloes de Valk (FR, UK, NL): Naked on Pluto; Salvatore Iaconesi, Oriana Persico / Art is Open Source (IT): The Electronic Man; Matthieu Cherubini (CH):; Martin Hans Schmitt (DE): Robot world

Opening performance
Marco Donnarumma (UK): Music for flesh II
Read more here.

Next step for Robots & Avatars

The Robots & Avatars Exhibition came to a close at the end of May at FACT, Liverpool after 10 weeks, with nearly 20.000 people visiting the Exhibition and exciting international press and TV coverage. Have a look to the TV episode that BBC Click dedicated at the Exhibition here.

Did you have a chance to play and draw with ADA, share your thoughts with Robovox, create holographic hand-ballet movement in Base8 or show off with meyouandus? Please share your stories and pictures with us and follow us via Robots and Avatars Twitter and Facebook.

Robots and Avatars showcases the most exciting visions and innovations from international artists, designers and architects, exploring their impact on the future of work and play. The Exhibition will be presented in London, at Europe House from 19th to 28th September 2012, so get ready for more cutting edge interaction blurring the boundaries between physical and virtual worlds!

It will tour onwards to KIBLA (Slovenia) and AltArt, Cluj-Napoca (Romania) in 2012.

Robots and Avatars moves into Europe

telematics - woman listens in to projection of an ear

Robots and Avatars – Collaborative and Intergenerational Futures is a two year programme of work extending our research in the UK into Europe. The project explores a near future world where collaborations between robots, avatars, virtual worlds, telepresence and real-time presence will be increasingly common. With co-organisers KIBLA (Slovenia) and AltArt (Romania), the project looks at emergence of the European (virtual/physical) citizen and examines multi-identity evolutions and virtual mobility.

The project comprises of a distinctive programme of activities including, artist commissions, a touring exhibition, learning experiences, live streamed debates, a week-long camp/residency, a website and a book.

It will bring together an intergenerational group of artists, cultural players, young people and experts from around Europe, to create a community that will explore and extend our understanding of working and creating in a 21st century world of virtual/physical co-operation.

body>data>space is one of 11 organisations in the UK to have have received lead organiser funding from the EU Culture Programme (2007-13) for Robots and Avatars – Collaborative and Intergenerational Futures.

Exhibition and Call for Proposals

NOW OPEN- A call for proposals for a series of artist commissions for the exhibition. To apply and get more information please follow this link

The Robots and Avatars Exhibition will open at FACT, Liverpool in March 2012

Project partners include: The Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT), Liverpool, National Theatre, London, Society for Arts and Technologies (SAT), Quebec and centre des arts, Paris.


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