Lunch Debate Highlights – Artificial Intelligence

We have just finished the first of our highlight videos which document the Lunch Debate on Artificial Intelligence, which took place on 28th June 2010. The Robots and Avatars Lunch Debates bring together a diverse and specialised group of professionals and experts to deepen the research and conversation around Robots and Avatars and ask ‘What sort of world are we educating our young people for?’

Lunch Debate #1 – Provocation by Professor Noel Sharkey

Provocation by Professor Noel Sharkey, University of Sheffield
Produced by body>data>space

Lunch Debate #1 – Artificial Intelligence – Highlights

At NESTA, June 28th 2010
Produced by body>data>space

Robots and Avatars Vodcasts

Robots and Avatars are producing a series of vodcasts which will be available to view on this site. They explore the themes of the programme, including Artifical Intelligence, Behaviours and Ethics, Health and Wellbeing and the Future Workplace from the perspective of a diverse array of professionals and experts who share their expertise and insight in this series of interviews

Vodcast #1 – Professor Noel Sharkey

University of Sheffield

On artifical intelligence and the future of work and place. With Professor Noel Sharkey, professor of Robotics and Artifical Intelligence, University of Sheffield.

Vodcast #2 – Fiddian Warman

Artist/Director-  Soda

On artifical intelligence and the future of work and place. With Fiddian Warman – Artist/Director – Soda.


Documentation team at Robots and Avatars ForumBelow you can find the archive of the Scribble Live feed from the Robots and Avatars Forum. The Robots and Avatars Forum was documented by live writers, video and photography.


Please see the gallery section to see photos from the event.

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