Explore the Avatar Age!

As part of the Digital Shoreditch 2013 Great Digital Exhibition body>data>space presents a showcase version of ‘Visions of Our Communal Dreams’.

Join us on-site to explore this beautiful interactive virtual island and fly your avatar (gallery room B34 / basement).

You can also join us online and through Twitter @voocd

• Instil life in the virtual forest by tweeting bird, butterfly or flower to @voocd

• Create, customise and fly your avatar via the Robots and Avatars website www.robotsandavatars.net

Visitors in the gallery will be able to see your avatar flying on the screens and to interact with it!

Developed by internationally renowned artist Michael Takeo Magruder and associate experts, this immersive mixed-reality installation combines virtual, physical and networked space, and explores issues of hybridity, embodiment and collective creativity in the Avatar Age.

Free Exhibition / Digital Shoreditch 20th-31st May 2013. Shoreditch Town Hall / 370A Old Street, London, Greater London EC1V 9LT, UK

Opening Times Public Access: 20th-24th May 3pm-8pm / 25th-31st May 10am-6pm

Digital Shoreditch Ticket Holder Exclusive Access: 20th-24th May 10am-3pm

Read more the Exhibition here


Visions of Our Communal Dreams // Michael Takeo Magruder With Drew Baker, Erik Fleming and David Steele. Presented by body>data>space, long-term experts in virtual/physical interactivity, commissioned by Robots and Avatars this piece premiered at FACT (Liverpool/UK) and then presented at KIBLA (Maribor/Slovenia)