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Robots and Avatars is going to KIBLA – Slovenia!

The exhibition presents a variety of immersive experiences – from unconventional approaches to social networks, re-defining and exploring their influences and dead ends, through virtual worlds rendered into pixels through the act of touch, collaborative landscapes stretching beyond the confines of popular gaming, to electro-acoustic biological extensions, wearable technologies and interactive robotic elements that affect and try to define us, to seemingly ordinary, human behavior imitating robots.

Alongside the presented artworks,the Exhibition will include a series of workshops run by Artists, events and debates.

Exhibiting artists and works:
Louis Philippe Demers/Processing Plant (CA, DE): The Blind Robot; Ruairi Glynn / Motive Colloquies (UK): Sociable Asymmetry; Michael Takeo Magruder, Drew Baker, Erik Fleming, David Steele (UK): Visions of Our Communal Dreams; Niki Passath (AT): ZOE; Mey Lean Kronemann (DE): lumiBots; Sašo Sedlaek (SI): Beggar 1.0; Andre Almeida, Gonçalo Lopes, Francisco Dias, Guilherme Martins (PT): NAVI; Marco Donnarumma (UK): Music for flesh II; Martin Bricelj Baraga, Slavko Glamoanin / MoTA (SI): Public avatar, Martin Bricelj Baraga (SI): RoboVox; Aymeric Mansoux, Dave Griffiths, Marloes de Valk (FR, UK, NL): Naked on Pluto; Salvatore Iaconesi, Oriana Persico / Art is Open Source (IT): The Electronic Man; Matthieu Cherubini (CH):; Martin Hans Schmitt (DE): Robot world

Opening performance
Marco Donnarumma (UK): Music for flesh II
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“Collectively Engaged” : first outputs and perspectives

Collectively EngagedHere are the first outputs and perspectives of our two Days of Forums dedicated to digital co-productions and content development in the UK, exploring digital innovation and creation through collaboration and knowledge sharing in the EU:

  • Wednesday 19th September, 2012 – Day 1
    Collectively Engaged – Digital Collaborations across the EU
  • Thursday 20th September, 2012 – Day 2
    Collectively Engaged – Digital Content Development in the UK

Keynotes speakers and moderators included Ruth Mackenzie (Director, Cultural Olympiad), Frank Boyd (Director, Creative Industries, KTN) and Ghislaine Boddington (Creative Director body>data>space) alongside a set of key funders, artists, digital content creators, innovators, strategists and producers.

In-depth and high quality discussions emerged from the audience and panel members around a set of key topical areas:

  • ‘VALUE versus VALUES’ came very strongly through during these 2 days as an area of questioning and thinking. Can creators and artists maintain ethical value and integrity as well as being recognized as creating socio-economic values in society and engaging with the commercial world? In effect how do artists go about seeking models that can insert their core values and beliefs into the commercial world with adequate remuneration?
  • The issue of “language of understanding” between arts / culture and creative / technology business sectors was explored: If artists and creatives want to use commercial money then we need to acknowledge language differences, in effect combating the siloed nature of professional and disciplinary language that affect groups trying to work together across working cultures and areas of expertise.
  • Developing new sustainable business models for creativity and innovation, preserving the diversity of this mixed ecosystem. “If art inspires the commercial world”, are we happy as artists to do just that, with the implication that there is no financial reward for our work, or do we have to build bridges into to the commercial world? How do we build bridges to the few islands of opportunity left in these commercially challenging times?
  • The issue of content provision, the status and the needs of the artists and true creative development within the “creative industries” galaxy. Artists have to contract and mutate their vision to become technically achievable but how as artists do we do that without complying to purely commercial values.

Key challenges :

The seminar also involved Break out groups on Value vs. Values, new business models and public as creator and inter-culturalism.

Concern was also raised over the value derived by participants of so called ‘hack days’ / labs / workshops – including what professional and creative values are derived from them? What content is created by them? And more pressingly, as much fun as they are, how do people pay the rent by contributing their time and energy to an event with little or no return.

A report of this Forum will be available and widely distributed by the beginning of October, featuring key content, quotes, references and audio-visual inputs.

In the meantime, follow the intense Twitter stream of these past 2 days on: #collectivelyengaged
Curated by body>data>space on the  invitation of Europe House with the support of Knowledge Transfer Network – Creative Industries
The Robots & Avatars – UK Selection Showcase is on until 28th September at Europe House.

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