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Are humans ready to become digital? BBC Click feature on Robots & Avatars

“Technology is bringing the virtual and real world closer together.

The Robots and Avatars exhibition explores how people will work and play with new representational forms of themselves and others in virtual and physical life in the next 10 to 15 years.

Spencer Kelly went to the exhibition to get a vision of the future.”

See the full programme on BBC CLICK website


Teleport yourself in Visions of Our Communal Dreams!

Visions of Our Communal Dreams is a beautiful new media art installation blending virtual, physical and networked environments that explores issues of hybridity, embodiment and collective creativity in the Digital Age.

You can now join Visions of our Communal Dreams online, interact and play with other avatars, by following these instructionsVOCD_virtual-participation-guide_v1.0_web copy


Robots & Avatars on BBC Click this week end

We are very happy to announce that Robots and Avatars Exhibition and a special interview with Ghislaine Boddington on Telepresence will be broadcast THIS WEEKEND 21st / 22nd April  on BBC Click.
The programme will air at 11.30 Sat and Sun on BBC News Channel and at several other time during these days. Also a shorter version will be shown on the early morning BBC Breakfast show.

BBC NEWS CHANNEL (UK): Saturday 0130, 1130, 1530 and 2030, Sunday 0430, 0745, 1130, 1530 and 2030 and Monday 0030
BBC WORLD NEWS: Saturday 0830 and 1630 and Sunday 0430 and 1330 GMT

Please see here for full timings of the programme and how you can watch this weekend!


Robots and Avatars Exhibition in the Media

We’re very pleased with the onward Press Coverage of the Robots and Avatars Exhibition at FACT in the media and we would like to share some juicy bits with you!

“It’s art that’s interactive and immersive.” The Guardian

“Blurring the lines between reality and the virtual world, the exhibit examines our reliance on technology and our willingness to hand machines increasing degrees of control.”

“A show revealing some of the ways robots and on-screen avatars could change our lives, as the borders between our physical and virtual lives begin to blur.” The New Scientist

“While the creations featured in Robots and Avatars seem straight out of science fiction (…)  they could be only a short step away.” The Guardian

“ambitious, thought-provoking, and challenging exhibition.” The DoubleNegative

“The exhibition tackles the overlap between the virtual and the real worlds.” Wired

If these bits arouse your curiosity follow this link to read more!

Martin Bricelj, Public Avatar, 2009. Co-produced and presented by body>data>space and FACT in Robots and Avatars Exhibition, 2012
Image courtesy of Martin Bricelj

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